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Abbink, R.A; Haan, I.M. de (2017) The Change the Earth Needs. Other thesis, Utrecht University.

Aggarwal, Anshul The future collective. Auroville. (Unpublished)

Aggarwal, Anshul The social dimensions of agriculture. Auroville. (Unpublished)

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Fontana, Cassandra (2022) L'acacia e la galassia: Interrogare i nessi tra urbanistica, ecologia e utopia (The acacia and the galaxy: Questioning the links between urban planning, ecology and utopia). Doctoral thesis, Universita di Venezia.


Herbert, Alan; Aggarwal, Anshul; Eveleigh, Helen; Clarence-Smith, Suryamayi Dreamweaving the Auroville Crown 2022. Project Report. Auroville, Auroville. (Submitted)

Herbert, Alan; Bassett, Amy; Capdeville, Dan; Pages, Dominique; Latour, Fred; De Junnemann, Laurence (2020) Calling the Future, a survey that happened in Auroville, during lockdown due to Corona, in May 2020, to take the pulse of the community. Date of publication: 23 Oct 2020. Project Report. Auroville.

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Yadava, Raag; Harihar, Nidhi (2023) GOVERNANCE IN AUROVILLE: A FRAMEWORK STUDY (2023). Raag Yadava. (Unpublished)

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