Integrated Orchard Management (Research on managing an 80 year old Mango Orchard)

Aggarwal, Anshul Integrated Orchard Management (Research on managing an 80 year old Mango Orchard). Working Paper. AuroOrchard, Auroville. (Unpublished)

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Aims & objectives of project:
- To convert the space of Mango orchards (about 10 acres) into a poly orchard suitable for rotational grazing by cows.
- To enhance the health of the soil in this area through regular green manuring and intensive grazing
- To increase the capacity of the farm to produce more fruits (like Avocado, Jackfruit, Soursop and some others), for which there is a great demand in the community. This will help build resilience through diversity and financial security for the farm.
- To monitor and optimise the use of water in the Mango Orchard by adding more trees and green manure and fodder crops
- To set up a sustainable free range country poultry in this area which can help the farm to gradually transition from the current system of poultry management.
- To explore if planned intensive grazing by cows and free range poultry can minimise needs for tilling in the area and help move towards a no-till integrated poly orchard.
- To experiment with crop crimping/brush-cutting as an alternative to tilling.

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